This is our ghoulish writers, podcasters and youtubers involved on this site. Check out their articles, shows and scary stories.

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Elis Helmersson is the Editor-in-chief and co – founder of A big fan of horror ever since the films of Tim Burton entered his life. He enjoys all horror but prefers creature features becuse of his love of special make up effects and creature design. He also loves atmospheric horror. His favorite horror movie is Alien from 1979

Josh Hansen is a podcaster (Action Movie Book Club) and writer living in NYC. His favorite type of movie is Action and Comic book. He is wildly uncomfortable watching any and all horror movies there for he mostly writes the non horror content for the website. He is very biased and never wrong. His favorite film is Robocop from 1987

Mark Wilmot is a assisent location manager, writer and producer from Vancouver, BC. He has worked in the movie industry in Vancouver since early Childhood. He has worked as an assisent location manager on The travelers, The man in the high castle, Syfys Day of the dead among others. He also writes and produces indie films with his friend Steve Stiller. For the site he writes reviews for horror movies.

Jack Berry is a Editor, Cinematographer, writer and director from Manchester, UK. He is the Mike Flannigan fanboy of our team and has a big interest in the paranormal. For he writes reviews and he also edits and narrates our Tik Tok/Instagram reels. His favorite horror movie is Halloween from 1978

Dr David Spain loves writing horror prose and screenplays. He’s currently working on individual projects and collaborating with other writers and directors, as well as helping to create an upcoming horror comedy choice-based game.