What is the connection between Men in black and Rob Zombie?

In a interview once with the breakthrough creative, make up artist Bart Mixon told a interesting story. When they where shooting The lords of Salem in 2011 they needed a background demon creature for one of the shoots, so they tried to figure out a creature for the shoot. Then Make up effects supervisor Wayne Tooth got an idea. He got in contact with special make up effects artist Bart Mixon and wondered if could get a hold of any props they could use in the background for the shoot. They knew each other becuse they both worked on House of a thousand corpses and Rob Zombies Halloween 2.

Tooth designed the Myers masks for Zombies Halloween movies. He said that he had access to a old alien puppet that Rick Baker created for Men in Black and they could use that one for the shoot. Bart Mixon was one of the creature effects crew member on Men in Black. So they added a effect on the puppet where it looks like the creature has been cut in the stomach. They also made it moore grimmy. Rob Zombiefied it for lack of a better term. Like when you go through a emo phase as a teenager. Then it got new life as a Rob Zombie demon.

So that is the men in black Rob Zombie connection. Small but interesting if you ask me.

Written by A Swedish Horror Nerd (Elis Helmersson)