What did I see that night

To this day, I am wondering what I saw that day. This is a encounter that has stuck me and It Is something that I think off everyday. I was driving down a dirt road surronded on all side by ferns in my 2016 Volvo XC70 in Northern Sweden. It was a summer night so it didn’t get dark, instead the entire world was blue. A world stuck at dusk with its eerie atmosphere. I was listening to watermelon sugar high by Harry Styles and the windows on the car was down. Over the music I noticed that all of the forrest had gone quiet, like dead quiet. Like the forest itself was afraid to breathe. All of a sudden I see something in my preforital vision to my left. I look to my left and am stunned by what I see. It was a humanoid shape with eyes that were the size of tennis balls that were glowing bright white.

Didn’t see much of the skin but what of what I saw it looked scaly. This creature was looking right at me. I had the windows down so I could hear it breathing. It sounded like it was breathing through a straw or a cat with a stuffy nose. For some reason I started to slow down and I just stared at this thing. I was mesmerized by it, like it was putting in a trans. I heard a voice in my head that said ” if you want to join us in the forest tonight come with me, come with me” All of a sudden Harry Styles’ voice started to take on a distorted character. Like a satanic Harry Styles chanting in a deep voice at me.

The voice spoke to me again, I see that my offer worries you and that I understand but You don’t have to be worried. I realized first now that the creature was running on all fours alongside it. It ran like a gazole, sprinting. ” Please take my offer” I heard over and over in my head. A closer look at its body I could tell it was covered in the type of plants you would find in a marsh and I saw that the plants were still wet, like it had just crawled out of the marsh and wanted to drag me into it too. That realization snapped me out of the trans and I hit the gas and speed out of there as fast I could, leaving this creature in the dust. I could hear this thing screaming like a women being murdered. That was my encounter out in Norrland In Sweden, something that has stuck with me to this day. Even to this day when I look in my rearview mirror i expect it be there and asking me to join it, in the marshes.

Written by A Swedish Horror Nerd ( Elis Helmersson)