Upcoming Tv Series: Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Gullimero del Toro has a new antholgy coming out this year. The idea comes from a book he wrote in 2013 of the same name. It is gonna be a good mix of diffrent horror directors and writers that have popped in the last ten years. So this is a list of all of them and what they have done in the past. Del Toro has for a long time helped out up and coming directors with producing there movies and this defintely feels like a natureal devolopment from that.

Do you like Nicolas Cage, do you like tighty whities, do you like cults, do you like neon light, do you like a burning decapitated head that Cage lights a cigar on. If you liked all that then I suppose you liked Mandy from 2018. A movie that is about a man played by Nicolas Cage that goes after a cult after they killed his girlfriend. The director of Mandy, Panos Cosmatos is returning for this anthology.

Panos Cosmatos is not the only veteran from Elijah Wood production company SpectreVision . Another one is Ana Lily Amanpour. She directed the girl that walks home at night from 2014. Which is a black and white horror thriller about a skateboarding vampire in Iran that kills men that disrespects women.

Another one that has come aboard is the director of Twilight and Red Riding Hood, Catherine Hardwicke. I suppose you need to mix up all off the out there weirdness with some teenage angst. But don`t get me wroing, I liked Red Riding from 2011. I tried to find out if she had made some horror movies that were on the same level as two I mentioned before but no. But still excited to see what she will deliver.

Then we have Jennifer Kent who directed The Babadook from 2014. A scary horror movie with a great creature design for some and the screaming kid meme movie for others. The Babadook is about a single mother and her child that becomme paranoid when an eerie children’s book titled “Mister Babadook” manifests in their home

Next up is David Prior who directed Empty man from 2020. Empty man is about a detective that is searching for a missing girl and uncovers a cult trying to summon a supernatural entity.

Next up is the director of In the tall grass from 2019, Vincenzo Natali. Tall Grass is based upon a Stephen King story. Tall grass is about a brother and sister who pull up on a large grass field because she needs to vomit from being pregnant. When they are pulled over they hear a scream of a young boy coming from the tall grass fields. They head in and discover an evil entity .

Last up is the director of the new firestarter movie coming out this year, Keith Thomas. A really busy man it seems. Firestarter is about a young girl who discovers that she has the power of creating fire with her mind

Written by Elis Helmersson ( A Swedish Horror Nerd)