The tree man of Illinois

Have you ever wondered what stalks the abandoned old ATV park near lake road in Allis, Illinois. The ATV park near lake road was once really popular among the youth, it was even once the most visited place in town in 1997. The park was also given lots of rewards for being well kept and had almost no accidents. The accidents that did happen there were minor and in the worst case scenario it was a broken bone. The park was owned by Mr Parkwood. People called him discount George Costanza because that is how he looked. A stubby balding man in his 40s that was infamous for his temperament and being a jerk with bad impulse control. He was however great with marketing and keeping the promises that his marketing promised.

But why is this park aboundent if it was so popular? It all started in the summer of 1999, the ATVs started going missing several days in a row. They would disappear overnight. They were later found in the woods badly beaten up. The story that was going around was that it was a hermit living out in the woods doing this. Tired of the noise from the ATVs and decided to do something about it. What was freaky is that the ATVs were not hotwired and the key sheed where all the keys were stored was untouched. Whoever was stealing them was somehow getting the vehicles from the park over the 5 foot tall fence surrounding the park and deep into the woods. The furthest one away was found by two hikers two miles away. 

Mr Parkwood personally suspected that a crime gang was responsible and he had CCTV cameras set up in the ATV parking area to catch them. His reasoning was that they must be doing drug deals out in the forest and they didn’t want to be interrupted. But on the next day after setting them up, nothing, absolutely nothing showed up on them. But Mr Parkwood decided to have his security staff slow down the footage to see if they missed something.

After security slowed down the footage he noticed a shadow figure moving in the background on the other side of the fence. He also noticed that it was looking straight at the ATV sheet but didn’t walk towards it. Instead it countied forward. Mr. Parkwood then decided he was handling this himself. That night he walked out in the middle of the night with a crowbar to handle this matter on his own. He said I will be back soon to a overworried wife that had screamed all night hat a stupid and dangreus plan this was.

The moment was the last time anybody saw him alive. The next morning an intern called Dominic was going to work but when he got there he saw that the gate was still locked with the padlock and chain. He thought that was very strange and when he walked up to the date he was faced by true horror. In blood on the wall was written ” the treeman was here” and in front of the bloody wall lay a crowbar covered in blood and leaves.

Police later took a DNA test on the blood and confirmed it was mr Parkwoods. His body was never found, only his boot was found up in a tree three months later about a mile from the park. After mister Parkwoods violent disperence the park become abandoned . Nobody in town dared to take over the park from Mr Parkwood and a legend was birthed in town about the tree man. If you are unlucky he might find you and drag you back to his home out in the woods and you will never be seen again

Written by Elis Helmersson ( A Swedish horror Nerd)

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