Butler Gargoyle

Butler Gargoyle sighting in Pennsylvania. The first reported case was in 1993 when a man saw a similar gargoyle looking creature which is the first butler gargoyle sighting. A man is driving his car home and so far it looks like any other night drive home. Then he spots a figure standing next to a road sign on all fours. He figures that it must be a deer and starts slowing down in case the deer wants to run in front of the car. As the headlights hit the creature it stands up and he realizes in his terror that this isent a deer. He slams on his brakes and is looking with terror at the butler gargoyle. The creature was about 8 feet tall, guessing based on the road sign the gargoyle was standing next to. It had wings like drapes hanging from its shoulders. Its head looked like that of an Alien and it had chicken like feet. So this thing stood up and walked across the road and then countied into woods without looking at the eyewitness.

There have been multiple sightings of the butler gargoyle in this area and the first one was in Allentown, PA in 1993. One theory is that this is some kind of mouthman but without physical evidence we may never know. The eyewitness that have seen this thing still wonder what they saw to the day.

Written by Elis Helmersson (A Swedish Horror Nerd)