The Bigfoot that sucked the electricity from the car

Pennsylvania, 1970s, A couple of friends are driving down a road in rural Pennsylvania, just having some evening fun. They are driving down this road and both sides, so is there thick forest that looks like a black wall during the night. All of a sudden the electricity does not work correctly, the power is cutting out in the car. Then all of a sudden a gigantic creature bursts from the forest walking. It was a massive ape looking humanoid. The people in the car starts freaking out and scream at the driver to get them out of there but the car wont move, it is dead. As soon as Bigfoot got out of the forest the electricity almost died in the car except for the engine that tries to do something as the driver puts his foot to the floor but can’t because of the draining battery. The friends are in total panic as this comes to the front of the car. The thing passed the car and as soon as the thing had passed the car and started walking away from it, the electricity started to back up and the car started to gain power again. The further away from the car the Bigfoot, the more power the car got. When the creature had entered the forest on the other side the car got its power back and the friends could speed off in a panic.

This is a one of several encounters where a drain of electricity and a bigfoot is connected. This has lead some people to think that this could be proof of a paranormal side of Bigfoot. What do you think?