Texas Chainsaw Massacre review

So I watched the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie out now on Netflix directed by David Blue Garcia and starring Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham, Olwen Fouere and Nell Hudson . I had really low expectations for this movie to the point when I heard that this was ok at best I got excited. In reality I should have been excited for this because of Fede Alvarez involvement. He wrote and directed Dont breathe from 2016 that I really liked. But between a very troubled production where the two directors that were intended to direct got fired after the first week of shooting because of creative differences with Fede Alvarez. Then after that this movie got a string of horroundues test screenings which led to Legendary dumping it on Netflix.

So I had accepted that this was trash and was it that? Actually, no. Don’t get me wrong this is a bad movie but it has a lot of stand out scenes that I liked a lot. This movie starts very mediocre. I liked that the opening is from an In universe Texas Chainsaw Massacre true crime documentary. Sure hardcore fans of this might say that this must have a crawl becuse it is a TCM movie but I like the idea of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre true crime documantry and I also liked that it was something new. 

Then after that this movie continues to be mediocre. I was honestly bored at the start. Had some nice shots but the writing was an unflavoured ricecake.The characters of this movie literally are stereotypes put in a blender to make a character smoothie. Sure the acting is good all around and that helps. It keeps it away from wrong turn 3 territory. Definitely props to all the actors and actresses. I wouldn’t call anybody a stand out but everyone was good. They set up this school shooter survivor story with one of our leads. At first I thought that it was interesting and it looked to have some drama and social commentary potential. Even though I dreaded the potential social commentary because of what script was unfolding in front of me.

But that storyline kinda goes somewhere but at the same time nowhere. Where they end up with that story is so flimsy and weirdly written that I don’t know what to make of it. But then old man Leatherface shows up and I started liking this movie. The first kill scene was really well done. It fits the character of Leatherface. What makes him act out his string of murders holds true to his character. The actor that plays him does a good job. He acts like a giant man child as Leatherface should. The kills are also very good. But this scene is also where the energy and pacing picks up and it holds on that level and it is great. David Blue Garcia can for sure direct a scene. The Leatherface scenes throughout this entire movie are paced really well and they have great energy to them. Sadly though so it only does two thing that stay as great as the van scene throughout the rest of this movie. The rest of this movie starts declining after that scene. The van scene was a peak they only reached once.

The rest is Hatchet 2. Have you seen Hatchet 2 so have you seen the rest of this movie? Sure the story is different and hatchet 2 didn’t have any social media jokes but the rest made me feel like you are watching Hatchet 2. Hatchet 2 is fine and so is the rest of this. The gore is good at parts and mediocre at others but it is never something special.

But then we come to my biggest problem with this movie, Sally Hardesty. By god this was dumb. She literally says ” I have been waiting for this for 50 years” It was at that moment that I screamed no at screen like a maniac. I am pretty sure this line brooke me. They didn’t even make an attempt at hiding the rip off part of halloween 2018. They just sent it. Every scene except for two are horrendous. Every decision she made, her dialogue. Everything got on my nerves. But there was two scenes with her that I liked. First one was the scene when she discovered the Sheriff’s van. Loved that scene. Great lighting, great aftermath kill gore and it had good atmosphere. The second one is when she says ” don’t run, if you run he will never stop chasing you” I loved that, such a great insight and I wanted more of that but no. Just no said the screenwriter

Also they literally throw a legacy character in the garbage. Like seriously. The ending is sadly also bad. It had some potineal but they blow it on stupid sequel bait and a stupid og throwback. Overall dont watch this unless you are a hardcore slasher fan. Because all the Leatherface scenes are great. They pulled them off good but the rest of the movie just fails at everything it waits to do. So thats Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A ok at best movie. 

Written by Elis Helmersson (A Swedish Horror Nerd)