Sheepsquatch. A legendery cryptid that comes out to terrorise the poplulation of Boone county, West Virgina. Over the years you have had a large amount of reports coming from in The Appalachian mountains of a cryptid that is called the Sheepsquatch by both locals and cryptid researchers. The Sheepsquatch is said to be around the same size of a grizzly bear and be covered in who’ll like a sheep. According to eyewitness accounts, it also has horns like a goat. This article will be about the first encounter of the sheepsquatch from 1994. An encounter that gave the world a new name to the roster of cryptids that is said to lurk in the woods.

In 1994 a former navy seaman is out walking in the woods on the shirts of town at the evening. That time where the evening is starting to run into the cold dark blankett that is known as the night. He is walking along the side of the creek, looking at the dark water slowly running beside him. Then all of a sudden he is hit with a smell. It was the smell of sulfur, as if the gates of hell themselves had opened up. THe smell of smell four is actually really camen in paranormal sightings, UFO sightings and Bigfoot sightings. A theory proposed by Stan Gordon is that the smell is the chemical reaction that happens when these things move from their reality to our reality.

So he is hit with this smell like a wall. First he smells the smell of hell then all hell breaks rules. All of a sudden it sounds like a bulldozer is going through the woods. Like a tank. Which is also something you get with bigfoot encounters. Out of the woods comes something that shouldn’t exist with full force. The best description is half man/ half sheep. He is looking at something that shouldn’t be seen by all men and he just stands there in school. The creature bends down and starts drinking from the creek. All of that interdimensional travel will make you thirsty. He looks at this creature for several minutes as it is drinking from the creek. Then it turns and walks away into the woods. He runs from the site as fast as possible and leaves with a story that is truly unbelievable.

The creature would later be seen at two other places the following months. One time by two children playing in a field nearby. The other sighting the following year was a road crossing sighting. So that is the encounters of the sheepsquatch that started the sheepsquatch legend. These encounters make you wonder if something came through from another reality that day. Something that might still be out there. Watching you from the woods.

Written by A Swedish Horror Nerd ( Elis Helmersson)