My horror journey

Ever since I was a young child, probably the age of about 6, I was watching horror movies. Being born in the 80’s gave me the ultimate experience of seeing some of the best in the horror genre. My first set of horror movies were A nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.

Even as a young child, I was never scared by these films. I would say that my childhood wasn’t typical, lol. Most parents weren’t allowing their children to watch films like this, but I was raised by a horror loving mother. Watching horror movies became a family thing. I recall memories of pilling up on the couch and putting on a slasher film. As I got older this tradition stayed pretty heavy within my family. Of course, I was able to watch even scarier movies as I did grow up. Again, none of these scary movies ever stuck with me or really gave me a fright. Moving into my young adult years my love of horror stayed with me. This led me to get even more interested in the genre and to even step into sub genres of horror. 

I remember when I was in my late 20’s wanting to do a podcast. Now I am not sure how popular they were back then, but I knew I wanted the chance to talk about horror movies and all things related. I didn’t get the opportunity to fulfill this until January of 2021. I launched my very first episode and it wasn’t great! But that was ok with me. I began to get more involved with the social media side of the horror community. Gaining followers, listeners and making some great friends. The horror community are some of the best people you could ever want to know. As my podcast began to grow, so did my taste in horror. I branched out and watched films I had only ever read about. Sometimes us horror fans can be picky! I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to start the podcast and to have met the people I have. Most of them are close friends now and I stay in contact with them.  All hail the horror family!!

This part of my life has led me the opportunity to meet a ton of horror celebrities. I started going to conventions in 2016 with my mother. Our first convention was Texas Frightmare in Dallas, Texas. It’s one of my most favorite I have attended. I don’t want to name drop, but the list of horror celebs I’ve met is pretty impressive. Getting to meet these icons and some lesser knowns, has and will always be a memorable experience. Like I said, the horror community is just amazing. You feel a real connection with the community. Growing up horror might not be the norm, but I don’t like normal things. To all of you amazing folks, Stay Spooky!!! 

Written by Heather. You can find her podcast HERE