What is an Mothman, Alien, cryptid or fake? From Point Pleasent, West Virginia comes the mystery of the mothman. As seen in the movie Mothman Propheices with Richard Gere. Which is a movie about the mothman and the creature connection what appears to be a spirit named Ingrid Cold.

In these atricle we are gonna talk about two encounters that indicates that the mothman is of Alien orgin. The first encounter is actually a UFO encounter followed by a mothman sighting. So a couple are driving their car out in a forested area on the outskirts of Point Pleasant.Then all of a sudden the forest gets lit up by bright lights. Out from the trees lifts a UFO. Its your typical saucer shaped UFO with bright lights surrounding the entire edge of craft. So they see this craft lift off from behind the trees. So they witness this craft take off and then they take off. As they are driving they see the mothman parraling them above the tree topps. According to the eyewitness statement so was the creature 8- 9 feet and had a body as black as the night. The creature parra led them for a bit. Then it took of into the night.

The second case is also a couple from the 60s that was out driving in the same area. So they’re out driving and then all of a sudden the mothman lands in front of their car. It stares at them and then it flies off. What makes this case so interesting is what happens afterwards. So the couple the next day goes back to site and the road is shut down by the military. They pull up to the guard at the road and they get ordered to turn the car around because this area is under lockdown from the military. Sounds a lot like a UFO cover, doesn’t it. So the couple did as they were told and that was the last of that.

So that was two encounters with the mothman that indicates alien origin. Both very fascinating that makes you wonder what really out there. At the end who knows what the mothman is, an Alien, a Cryptid, something from the spirit realm maybe. But one thing do we know. It is out there. In dark corners of the forrest.

Written by A Swedish Horror Nerd ( Elis Helmersson)