My horror orgin

When I was 8 years old I was introduced to John Carpenter’s, “Halloween” movie. Yes, I know at eight years of age that isn’t the brightest idea, but I was curious. I was terrified, but I found myself addicted and wanting more. The curiosity grew. I wanted to know who was underneath the mask, why he was killing, who was next, and more. I was hooked into horror. I begged my cousins to show me more just like it and I had myself a marathon of horror.

I began to watch all the iconic horror films out there. The concept of mystery/suspense kept me on my toes and that’s what attracted me. The gore, the kills, the sick minds of villains freaked me out, but you eventually become numb to the predictability. The mystery always stayed. Growing up I never lost interest in the genre and wanted to become part of a fan base that shared the same appreciation I did. Movie events, fan pages, merchandise, all of it was fun to me. My close friend Thomas Cruz and I had really great conversations when it came to horror movies. Our conversations were so intriguing to others that we’ve gotten comments like, “You guys should make your own podcast.” So that’s what we did and “Well That’s Horrific!” was born. Our goal is to share our thoughts, appreciation, and love of horror (movies, books, games) with everyone else. Because if we don’t? Well, that’s horrific!