Everything Everywhere All at Once: Spoiler Free Review

Everything Everywhere All at One, starring Michelle Yeoh, was recently granted a wide release. I had been hearing about how great it was for a while and finally got around to checking it out. Often times when I see this type of praise my expectations get too high and there’s no way the film can live up to them. Everything Everywhere All at Once is not one of those movies. This is absolutely incredible. One of the best movies I’ve seen in years. Let’s get into it.

Outside of the numerous glowing reviews I had read, I went into this movie fairly blind. I knew it starred Michelle Yeoh and was about the multiverse but that was about it. Both of those things were true. That is the movie. It is also so so so much more. Everyone is phenomenal in it. It looks absolutely gorgeous on screen. The story takes a few minutes to get going but it’s all necessary to get you up to speed with the concept you’ll be immersed within for the following two hours. It is truly a technical marvel of film making.

The plot of this movie is incredibly original which is so refreshing in a world where IP is king and everything is a sequel or a reboot. I don’t want to go too much into details because people should experience this movie without knowing too much. I would never want to take that away from someone.

Everything Everywhere All at Once manages to tell a heartfelt, engaging story while simultaneously blending incredible action scenes with genuinely laugh out loud comedic moments. The way they are able to balance all of these aspects is truly masterful. I really cannot praise this movie enough. I have been thinking about it from the moment I left the theater and will continue to for some time to come. In this current landscape of streaming movies dropping every day and more content than any human can consume, that is a true rarity. You need to go see this movie. I will be going back to see it again. Do yourself a kindness and do the same. I stake my entire reputation on this. It will blow you away.

Written by Josh Hansen