Entropy 2021 Review

So i got the offer to review entropy pre release from the movies creators, Scott and Kameron Hale. Very grateful for that. So what did I think of this movie. The great thing that this movie has going for is its atmosphere. This feels a lot of time like a campfire tale, you just sit there and take in the long atmospheric shoots of the road taking you to spooky locations or the long pieces of dialogue that is really done, especially for a low budget indie where a lot of people don’t have experience of this craft in the past. You also got a very 80s atmosphere feeling to this that does remind you of the 80s carpenter movies. It isn’t as well made as the Carpenter atmosphere but you do still get that cozy and spooky feeling as a good atmosphere should give you.

Another great thing about this movie is that it isn’t just an 80s horror movie love letter, this movie can actually stand on its own. The story is its own thing. You don’t look at the story of this movie and go ” oh this is an homage to this’ ‘ That is one of things that makes this movie intriguing. The standout moment in this movie is when that great atmosphere and story merge. There is an extended dialogue scene in this movie that is just fantastic.

You really feel that you are there and it feels like a great campfire tale. You also have some scenes that are disturbing. The scene I am thinking of is a scene where a man laughs a lot. You know when you see the movie. Now let’s move on to the more mixed aspects. The effect work in this is kinda good even though you can see that it needed a bigger budget. On an idea level it is really good but you can see they didn’t really have the budget to fully fulfill the effects it should. They are still good effects and gore scenes even though they could have been better.

Now to my negative thoughts. All of them you can bowl down to budget because the budget does unfortunately. This is a good movie but you can tell when watching it that it was even better in script format because of the budget. You have some scenes that look like a high end youtube video from 2012 or grandma’s birthday party in HD because of the camera quality. But my main problem is the sound quality. It sadly really sinks the movie. As long as only one person is talking and the camera is focused on them it is good but if there are several people talking you have a hard time making out where the conversation is about because you only hear 25 % of it. That is a big flaw because you tell that a lot of effort went into these conversations and then you only do a quarter of it. There is one part of the movie where it took me a while to understand because the sound was so bad. But at the end of the day so Is it impressive that the only major thing wrong with this movie is the sound.

Usually with this level of really low budget filmmaking you get horrendous day for night shoots and creature scenes where a guy in a poorly made furry costume slaps somebody to death but not here. You can see the effort on screen. Like the night scenes were actually shot at night. Yes sometimes it was just good effort but it was effort nonetheless. I would recommend Entropy if you like atmosphere, a good story and some gore to top it all off but just go into it knowing what it is.