Discussing David J. Harrison and his book, Recursion.

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with David J. Harrison the author from his debut horror novel Recursion.   Recursion is a unique novel that blend of genres from comic horror, dark thriller and science fiction in a Lovercrafian style.  Synopsis of Recursion: Haruki and Jane are having great difficulty in their marriage.  Haruki and Jane have great careers but Haruki lost the passion for art dealing with a crumbling marriage by taking a holiday to a small town in the English countryside. There he starts experiencing unexplained occurrences and meeting two strangers: The Captain and Postmaster Frank.

 Mr. Harrison explains “ Haruki and Jane find themselves in a muck up going to this town, where time is not linear”   Seasoned with perfection heavily with Murakami and Stephen King influences, the surrealism is well thought out from Haruki’s unexplained reasons why he’s laying in a dirt pit to changes in the environment surroundings.  The antagonist, the Captain with his dashing good looks, charm and soothing voice, wears a particular scent of vanilla to lure unsuspecting victims. 

One of the focus points: the scent of vanilla used as an agent enticing our olfactory senses through the pages. It is a sensory sensation of how predatory insects and animals used to attract and capture its prey.  Mr. Harrison explores this universal sweet comforting, warm and inviting smell hypnotizing the reader and the characters into the Captain’s Venus flytrap of horror.  On the flip side, we have Postmaster Frank, an elderly man who speaks in a Yoda-style dialog. He also has a sweet tooth and that has a prominent importance of why he chose Haruki and Jane. Postmaster Frank and the Captain are inter-dimensional entities battling who will win in the cosmic chess game with the protagonists hanging in the balance with the fate of the world and their marriage.  

 “Recursion was definitely having a conversation with Stephen King’s IT, among others of my other favourite works of existential alien horror. The key questions here are how these inter dimensional beings become influenced by the traits of the humans they manipulate, and how much they enjoy being so corrupted.  

 Recursion does not overwhelm the reader with his unique style blending horror with many sub-horror and themes overtly not losing the main plot with contrast. To your surprise the novel is packed with secrets of terrifying situations in our real lives and the symbolism recognized with elements in nature. The pacing is excellent as you devour each chapter, never getting confused. Especially in the backstory of our main characters and others connected through Postmaster Frank and the Captain in the mind bending time loops.  

As an avid reader myself, Recursion is returning back to my literature roots. Reading and enjoying a good horror novel for a long time. It frankly felt great reading instead of watching horror films. I felt alive, unleashing my imagination where I could not put this book down for one second.  With his soothing calm voice and pleasant demeanor, Mr. Harrison is a brillant gentleman that takes great pride in his writing. He crafts his story with care and heart. He wants us, the reader engage but slides a quiet unannounced implication with no warning into the nightmarish world, leaving the reader gasping at each turn. We consume the terror and striking fear as evil enters comfortably in our minds turning into madness.

 Recursion is a page turner, one of a kind novel and a literary orgasm; a chance to unplug from your reality and escape into cosmic terror abyss.  

Mr. Harrison enjoys his family, beautiful goldendoodle Luna and traveling. If he’s not destroying characters misbehaving you can find him enjoying a good book and a pint on a relaxing day.  You can follow him at davidjharrisonwriter at Instagram, Facebook and https://davidjharrisonauthor.com.

Written by Keeshia Lacy