Bliss and blood: Making cinema

So, you want to make a film but you don’t think you have the resources? Or maybe you don’t
know how to edit or shoot a film? Well in today’s world there really isn’t any excuses to tell your story. There are plenty of free editing software’s, easy camera accesses and a sea of hungry aspiring film makers all out there. We have so many avenues to help us achieve making our films and with some patience and careful planning anyone can really do this.

The biggest mountain aspiring film makers seem to face is the lack of money to make there
masterpiece; that statement is completely false in today’s world. Most people have access to some form of camera: cell phones, old HD cameras you can get at a goodwill or even purchasing a good DLSR from amazon. There really is a surplus of good to great methods that anyone can access that will assist them in make there movie. But you can’t afford adobe to edit the film?

Editing software is so cheap now it’s not even funny, but let’s say you can’t muster the price for
a monthly subscription. Then you can use the free Davinci resolve software. Don’t know how to use it? Watch some YouTube tutorials and after about an hour you will know everything you need to edit your story. Now you can edit but you don’t have money to pay people for their work? Paying people for their work on movies doesn’t mean they have to be paid with strictly money. When I was making my first feature film we had no money therefore we originally had family members playing characters in the film to save money. Well, when family started dropping out when they saw the shoot schedule we were lucky enough that William E. Newton had some actors he wanted to recommend to fill there slots. But, we still had no money. So we offered them the role and told them up front we couldn’t pay but, we can pay in food and they would have a feature film under their belt that they could use for their acting reels. Just be honest and up front and if they believe in you and your project, you may just find your actor.

Another mountain is equipment; this sort of falls under the money aspect but it’s still important to address. You do not need 10 lights and c-stands or whatever to make your film. In our films we like to light scenes using nontraditional lights (like Halloween strands wrapping around the party) and usually have one or two lights that our DP masterfully uses to get the desired look. You can use lamps or even normal room lights with a white reflector to simulate “fill” and boom, your shot is ready. Speaking of “boom”, audio recording devices are cheap and if you can just watch a few YouTube tutorials you can master them.

And lastly, time. Oh time. Time is the beast that gets us all. But, it can be used to your advantage with proper planning and scheduling. For example, for my films I shoot with my brother Scott Hale, they are mostly shot on weekends since we work Monday through Friday. So, when I am scheduling my films the days are usually Saturday and Sunday. Give people at least a month to adjust their lives and most people can accommodate a weekend shoot. Time is scary but it can be mastered. What have my ramblings been amounting to? Well, you can make your masterpiece if you plan accordingly. Use a camera you have access too, get a good boom mic and use available lights with some cheap white boards (or have your actor in a white shirt). Throw together a film family and get to work. Nothing is given to you in this industry; you have to be prepared for blood, sweat and tears. But, when you see your film finished it’s a beautiful feeling that can only be described as pure bliss. You’re going to have moments of pure happiness and moments of extreme depression but that is how this goes. There will be situations that arise that threaten to destroy the entire project (and it may actually kill it) but you just have to pick your self-back up and keep going. The pain is worth it if you are truly invested in telling stories. Who knows, maybe I’ll be watching your film in the future.

Written by Kameron Hale. You can watch Halehouse Productions movie trailer HERE