Better Call Saul Final Season Premiere Recap

It’s been almost two years since the previous season of Better Call Saul aired it’s finale but tonight our long wait finally came to an end. The final season of the Breaking Bad prequel aired its first two episodes tonight and I have some thoughts. Lets get into it.

I’ll be completely honest, I spent much of the first hour wildly confused. My memory is so bad I can’t remember what I said on a podcast a day earlier let alone remember intricate plot lines from multiple years ago. Luckily, by hour two things started to come back to me. The first half felt like nothing happened and everything happened simultaneously. Part of that was because I do not think we were meant to know exactly what Kim and Saul were up to. They clearly had a plan to take down Howard but we were witnessing it in real time rather than it being laid out beforehand. Basically, it seems like they are attempting to attack his character.

Saul planted ‘drugs’ in his locker at the country club so that his friend, who works at a rival law firm, could witness it. He also brought the shady tax couple from a previous season back into the mix to manipulate them into furthering this goal. He planted the idea in their head that Howard was on drugs and they took that information to the same lawyer Howard was with at the club. I am not 100% sure what his endgame is here but it seems as if he is attempting to establish some sort of precedent surrounding this supposed drug use. To me, this is only part of a greater plan that we are not yet privy to but will surely be revealed fully in the episodes to come. The thing I am most unclear on is Kim and Saul’s final interaction with the shady tax couple. I THINK Kim went rouge when she threatened them into agreeing to return money they had stolen from clients but I’m really not sure. That sequence could have all been by design and we just don’t know what it’s leading to yet but it’s hard for me to think of a way that helped them. Saul’s reaction to Kim’s actions didn’t really clear things up for me either. I think he wasn’t pleased with what she did but he also may have had that demeanor because he had never seen that side of her fully. The more I think about it, I’ve talked myself into that being all part of their greater scheme. Very excited to see what the reason for that was because I am currently clueless.

The other main plot line taking place during this premiere revolved around Nacho. When we last left him in the previous season, he was taking part in a botched hit on Lalo Salamanca in Mexico. Lalo survived and is clearly out for revenge while Nacho is attempting to evade capture and return to the states. The attempt on Lalo’s life was orchestrated by Gus and at the beginning of the episode it seems like Mike is trying to help him get back home. Nacho is instructed to hole up in a motel and wait which he does. At first. Then, he begins to think something is up. He notices someone watching him in his room and manages to sneak up on him in an attempt to get some answers. His plan of calling Tyrus and pretending to freak out to see if he calls the would be hit man after is brilliant and works perfectly. Now Nacho knows he is truly on his own. Back in the states, Mike and some goons break into Nacho’s apartment and plant some papers in his safe. The cartel then sends their own goons to his apartment and find what they left behind which leads them right to where Nacho is hiding. They then send the psycho brothers after him. There is a bit of a shootout and Nacho attempts to flee in a truck. We are not shown if he crashed or escaped but that will surely be revealed next week. My money is on the latter. Another interesting wrinkle in all of this is Mike’s very clear and vocal objection to the way they are treating Nacho. This even comes to a head with Tyrus pulling a gun on him right in front of Gus when Mike refuses to get Nacho’s father involved. The plot thickens!

Now, we all know this is a prequel. We know Saul lives, we know Mike lives etc. They are never in any real danger this season. The people we have to worry about are Nacho and Kim. Those two obviously never show up in the original series so their fates could be anything. My prediction is that they both die by the end but I hope that’s not the case. Regardless, I’m excited to see how this all plays out. A great start to what will surely be an intense ride.

I’ll be doing one of these each week going forward so make sure to come back and we can all go on this journey together!

Written by Josh Hansen