Better Call Saul Episode 5 Recap

The newest episode of Better Call Saul, Black and Blue, is out now. Let’s talk about it. Episode 5 starts off with some sort of architectural tool being encased in lucite with a German inscription. Not much explanation and the payoff is semi minimal but we’ll get to that later.

Once the show starts proper, we look in on Kim chain smoking in the dark in their apartment. As we learned last week, she knows Lalo is still alive and is understandably scared. Saul wakes up and finds she’s put a chair up against the door. He still thinks Lalo is dead, which he even says he is thankful for. Kim elects not to share what she has learned. I don’t see this as nefarious, more as a way to protect the one she loves from having to live in fear the way she currently is.

We then check in on the old folks involved in the Sandpiper lawsuit. Howard is conducting damage control because some of the plaintiffs are getting impatient. He appears to put out that fire but walks right into a new one as he leaves. Cliff Main, played by Ed Begley Jr., finally confronts Howard about what he witnessed during his meeting with Kim. The whole tossing a sex worker out of a moving car thing. When Howard learns it was during a meeting with Kim he knows right away it’s Saul behind all of it.

At Saul’s new office, he brings on a familiar face. His prior assistant during his Kim and Jimmy office sharing days or probably better known as his assistant from Breaking Bad. At first she wants no part of his nonsense but money talks. She’s in.

While this is happening, Kim goes on a friendly lunch with an old colleague at Schweikart, Viola. Her real reason for this meeting is to find out who the judge on the Sandpiper case which she obtains with ease. I love the character of Kim and the actor who plays her, Rhea Seehorn. She is so incredible in the role and somehow my favorite part of a show packed with heavyweights.

That night, Saul goes to a fake meeting with ‘Mr. Ward.’ It’s a ruse by Howard. He confronts Saul in a boxing gym and challenges him to a fight. You think Saul is having none of it but as he goes to leave he just can’t help himself. They punch a bit and Saul ends up getting beat down. Howard also delivers one of my favorite sayings while Saul is lying on the canvas. ‘You’ve mistaken my kindness for weakness.’ As a midwesterner who lives in NYC, this is a statement I have uttered numerous times. Kinda feeling Howard right now. The two depart and before they leave, Howard gets in a car with some mystery man. It seems as if he is some sort of private investigator that he has hired to follow Saul and dig up any dirt possible. That should be interesting to see as Mike also has men following Saul and Kim. Mike is the best and hires the best so they will surely pick up on this. We shall see.

Saul then arrives home to Kim pounding beers and blowin darts on the balcony. He’s got quite the shiner after his tussle with Howard. The way she jokingly attempts to spin the injury by saying, ‘I’m Saul Goodman, I fight for you’ is so delightful. The chemistry between these two is really something. I truly believe they love and care for one another even though on the surface it should make zero sense. As they lay in bed, Saul laments over not walking away and playing right into Howards’ hands. Kim reassures him with, it’s ‘because you know’ ‘I know?’ she then grabs his hand lovingly, ‘You know what’s coming next.’ I was initaily confused by not knowing the full extent of their plan. A big part of that was the gap between this season and the previous one. My memory is embarrassingly bad and I spent the entire premiere assuming I’d just forgotten everything when really we are not yet meant to know what is fully going on. Cannot wait to find out.

Back at Gus’ neighbors safe house. Mike is smuggled in, concealed in the back of a Rav 4. I love seeing Gus rattled. He’s always been so stoic and poised and calculated. His rattled is also not a normal person’s version. Giancarlo Esposito shows this in tiny little ticks or facial cues and it’s really so fantastic. Mike finding him with a toothbrush furiously scrubbing the grout between the bathroom tiles is perfect. That’s exactly how a person like Gus Fring would emote. His manic behavior in this moment is ironically reminiscent of the type of thing we see users of his product do. Hyper-focused on a trivial task. Mike goes to speak with him and says something that appears to be an epiphany for Gus. Mike tells him, ‘Wherever he is now, sooner or later, wherever he is, he’s gonna end up right here.’ This gives Gus pause. He stops his frantic cleaning. ‘He can’t strike, not yet.’ We are not privy to what Gus has just realized but he informs Mike that they are going out. Where might ‘out’ be? The soon to be meth lab, still under construction. Mike seems fairly befuddled, basically the avatar of the audience at the moment. Gus, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He slowly makes his way down the stairs, inspecting various items in the room as he goes. Finally, he makes his way over to the ditch digger that still resides there and removes his ankle gun, placing it within the tread of the vehicle. He sighs as if he achieved his goal. We don’t get to know what that is yet but I see this as a Godfather gun in the bathroom type situation. On to the next.

We take quite the shift here. Lalo shows up at a bar in Germany. He begins chatting up a woman at the bar. Turns out, she is our good buddy Werner’s widow. You remember him, he was in charge of the men building the super lab and Mike offed him after Lalo discovered his name when he killed a clerk at a wire transfer location.

Lalo attempts to get as much information about Werner and what he was doing. This is Lalo’s revenge plan in motion. He doesn’t fully know what he’s looking for, just that this man was important to Gus and he desperately wanted to keep it a secret. They end up parting ways that night but Lalo returns the next day once she has left for work to snoop around her home for anything useful. Here he finds the payoff for the cold open. I believe it says something to the tune of for my boys in German but I’m a dumb American who speaks no other languages so who’s to say. The widow Werner unfortunately arrives home before Lalo is done looking around and we get an incredibly tense scene where he fits his gun with a silencer and you think he’s going to do something horrible. Luckily for her, and my constitution, he does not end up having to go that route and escapes out the window. He did find condolence cards sent by presumably the men he worked with as his widow had mentioned. I figure that’s his next stop.

Another great episode in the books as we move closer to the midseason finale that I didn’t even know was a thing until about 3 paragraphs into this recap. We will probably get something juicy next week and an infuriating cliffhanger of some sort. I, personally, cannot wait.

Written by Josh Hansen