Better Call Saul: Episode 4 Recap

The newest episode of Better Call Saul, Hit and Run, is out now. Let’s talk about it. Episode 4 starts off with a weird little cold open that only Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad can pull off. We get this annoying bike riding couple just complaining about their neighbors. Once they return home we find their house crawling with armed men and riddled with surveillance equipment. I really love how it’s not even acknowledged. It’s just normal for them. They ignore it like a housekeeper or gardener. The open ends with a shot of Gus Fring’s door so we can safely assume they are his neighbors at least.

After the title cards roll, we jump right into they why of Saul and Kim’s plan involving Howard’s car. Kim is meeting with the same old gentleman that was around to see the drugs planted in Howard’s locker. Saul picks up Wendy, who you may remember from Breaking Bad. Saul drives erratically right by their meeting and kicks Wendy out of the car then speeds off. All fully seen by their mark. It seems as though their plan has gone off without a hitch but in perfect Better Call Saul fashion, someone has parked in the spot that Saul needs to return the car to. To avoid suspicion, Saul pulls out the reserved sign and moves it to the new spot right next to the other. He just makes it before Howard comes down and drives off, none the wiser. This show does these little moments so well. You know he is going to make it but they way it’s shot and framed and paced you still feel the anxiety of it all. The sign immediately falling down after Howard drives away is a delightful touch as well.

Saul heads to the courthouse and slowly begins to realize he is now persona non grata there. Word is out that he helped spring a cartel boss and no one is pleased. That is, of course, on the right side of the law. This news also travels to the criminal part of the city which causes Saul Goodman to be the hottest criminal defense lawyer in town. So much so that he has to find a new office. The nail salon will no longer do.

On the Kim front, things are not going quite as swimmingly. She is convinced that she is being followed. She’s correct. Mike comes to meet her to confirm her suspicions. He basically tells her this has to happen for now and to be cool. Finally getting to see Mike and Kim share a scene together was the highlight of this episode for me. They both steal every scene they are in and for them to finally meet is incredible. I hope this is not the last time they do.

The second to last scene in this episode is perfection. Just Gus Fring being Gus Fring. Methodical, meticulous and deliberate. In every single thing he does. Whether it be planning the downfall of the cartel or simply hanging up his shirt. We also get the payoff from the cold open. Those are his men. Oh, and Gus has a secret tunnel to connect his house to theirs which is some straight up super villain stuff. I love it. Gus knows Lalo is alive and he is taking every precaution possible.

Finally, we end with Saul showing Kim his new office space. The same location we all know from Breaking Bad.

I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the scheme at the beginning would be the highlight but seeing Gus go full Gus topped it for me. We are about a quarter of the way through the season so far and they already merc’d Nacho. I would assume we wont learn Kim’s fate until the finale but only time will tell! Come back next week and we’ll dive in together again.

Written by Josh Hansen