Better Call Saul – Ep. 3: Rock and Hard Place Recap

We’re back with Better Caul Saul – Ep 3: Rock and a Hard Place! After the doubled up premiere of last week, we have returned to the more traditional single episode with Better Caul Saul and it did not disappoint. I could ramble on for hours, and have, but let’s just get into it. Oh and obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD. Last week’s cold open was Saul Goodman’s home being swept by the authorities. Presumably after Saul had gone on the lamb. This week, we get a piece of glass in a rainy dessert. Unlike with the plane explosion in Breaking Bad, we only have to wait until the end of this episode to fully understand what it meant.

We are then thrown right back into the adventures of Nacho who escaped the hotel parking lot at the end of last episode and is still on the run. His truck has died and as he is still being pursued, he decides to take refuge in a crashed oil truck on the side of the road. Him submerging himself in the black goo is so horribly visceral and shot perfectly. I needed a shower immediately after. Nacho’s ploy works and he is safe, for now.

Nacho proceeds to clean himself up at a little gas station and the kind man working there allows him to use the phone. Nacho makes two calls. The first is an incredibly emotional one to his father. He has resigned himself to his fate and this is his final goodbye to the only person left that he cares about. The second call is to Mike. He knows he’s a dead man but he will only turn himself over to them if there are reassurances made that his dad will be safe. Gus agrees to his terms.

Then we get back to Saul and Kim. They are going over the next stage in their plan. This part involves them stealing Howard’s car for some reason that is not yet completely clear. However, it involves Huel and I am always happy to see that massive man on screen. After they come up with their scheme, Kim is approached by the local DA about Saul’s involvement with the Cartel. They want him to be a rat.

Back to Nacho. They smuggle him back into the States and Mike gives him a last meal. He then is forced to beat him because ‘boss says he’s too pretty’. They have to make it appear real. Mike is clearly unhappy about how all of this has gone, yet he continues to do his job.

Huel and Saul enact their plan. Use a valet to copy Howard’s key so that they can steal his car at their leisure. There is a great conversation between the two where Huel asks Saul point blank, ‘why do you do all this’. Saul attempting to justify and rationalize it to Huel is so great. Probably my favorite part of the episode. When Saul returns home, Kim tells him what the DA told her about. Saul is left with a choice, be a friend to the Cartel or a rat.

Returning to Nacho and Mike. The plan is to hand Nacho over to the Salamanca’s and to tell them it was a rival Cartel that put him up to the hit on Lalo. He is then to attempt to run and get shot so as not to be tortured. This plan mostly goes this way. They take him out to meet in the dessert. He gives up the false accomplices. All by the book. THEN Nacho decides to go off script. He tells them he was the one who switched Hectors pills causing a stroke and his current condition. He then cuts his ties with the piece of glass from the cold open, grabs one of their guns and holds him hostage. Finally, he turns the gun on himself, boom. Just an incredible scene. I love Michael Mando and sorry to see him go but man did he go out with a stellar performance.

Not exactly sure where we are going next week but I am absolutely here to find out. Come back and see us then as we get into it!

Written by Josh Hansen