What is the right choice when becoming a werewolf?

What is the right choice when you become a werewolf?

I’ll start by saying if you haven’t seen “An American Werewolf in London ” go do so immediately. If you decide not to then just know potential spoilers ahead. 

What would you do if you became a werewolf? The answer isn’t wrong but the answer isn’t right. There’s no question about the morality issues of taming or unleashing this new part of yourself once you’ve realized the reality. A disbelief itself could also be as dangerous as a want to become the beast and hurt others. What we hope could set these apart would be a love of family or otherwise. This is true in the case of David and Alex in “An American Werewolf In London”. The issue is they just met and in reality Alex had no reason to believe him. She placed herself in danger if David was right or wrong. Maybe the 80s were a more trusting time. 

Even though David didn’t believe it at first when he realized the curse was real he had the idea to distance himself and potentially hurt less people. His newly dead best friend Jack warns him from beyond the grave on the consequences of his choice if he doesn’t kill himself. Jack knew the morality of David’s choice and tried to help, even if it sounded counter intuitive. Just like most people David is scared of dying and chooses to potentially either be crazy or a werewolf as he hadn’t transformed yet. 

Honestly the rest of this could be a rambling mess on all of the endless choices you could make if turned. Instead I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself. Personally I think I would’ve tried to be contained after the second transformation and try to have a normal life. Granted that would never happen for a variety of reasons. 

Written by Spookshow Spectacular. You can listen to their podcast HERE