A IT prequel series is in the works

A IT prequel series is in the works. If the two most recent additions to the IT horror franchise from Warner Bros weren’t enough to satiate that killer clown sized hole in your heart, you’re in luck!  According to Jeff Sneider, HBO Max is currently developing an IT prequel series titled, Welcome to Derry.  As reported by Bloody Disgusting, the IT series will explore the origin of the titular killer clown and the coinciding curse impacting this small northeastern town.  This is, however, in very preliminary talks. 

The show has not officially been greenlit but HBO Max is reportedly putting together a writing team as we speak.  Variety has also weighed in, reporting that the series will take place in the 1960’s, specifically during the time proceeding IT: Part One from 2017.  The director of both recent installments, Andy Muschietti, is also reportedly on board to produce.  No timeline for release is yet known but the wheels are in motion!

Written by Josh Hansen