A Bigfoot case where the creature mimicked a human voice.

This case comes from East Oklahoma. Two men named Zack and David were out hunting in east Oklahoma. David was Zacks brother in law. After a day of hunting they started to head out to camp from the woods. David went first and then Zack followed a bit later. As Zack went back he started hear something from the woods. He realized that it was footsteps and that they where mimicking his footsteps perfectly. His first thought was that it was his brother that had went back to the woods from camp and was messing with him. So he screamed out ” cut it off David”. Then a voice answered back from the woods. ” Daavvid” in a deep voice that sounded demonic according to the eyewitness. It was this deep grunting voice. Zack, in fear, decided to get to high ground and climbed up a tree. Up in the tree he cocked his rifle and asked ” David ?” The creature answered back ” Daavidd” and then it almost kinda laughed at Zack. It was a hehehe with its deep grunting voice. Zack thought he had encountered a demon. In pure fear Zack shout out two shoots at the direction of the creature.

Then all hell broke loose. This thing went off like a missile through the woods. Just destroying everything in its way with its body. In pure fear Zack climbed down the tree and started running back to the campsite. Looking over his shoulder as he did to see if this thing was after him. Not knowing if it will come out and grab him before he reaches safety. Thankfully he got back to camp and a confused brother wondered what was going on. The two brothers were harassed by the creatures throughout the night. With strange inhuman noises and footsteps always being heard from the woods during the entire night. They also heard a coughing coming from the woods about 100 yards from camp. The next morning they didn’t hunt instead they left the site. When they went to collect their tree they had something ripped from it. It had ripped at the welds breaking metal free from metal. Truly massive strength. The two men left the forest scared and with a new idea of what could be out there. 

This account is from the podcast ” Sasquatch Chronicles” hosted by Wes Germer.

Written by Elis Helmersson ( A Swedish Horror Nerd)